no sympathy for the devil


My new wallpaper is actually a proof of Pythagoras' theorem I saw in The Road To Reality by Roger Penrose.
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ou sont les neiges d'antan?

In Memoriam:  Dr Hunter S Thompson

This journal was actually created after kamountjoy introduced me to the sage of lunacy that was Dr Hunter S Thompson.  I've tried to live a more gonzo life since she did.  Generally this has involved insane quantities of caffeine and taking on projects I cannot possibly afford the time for, a very British interpretation, I suppose.

Dr Thompson has now killed himself, it seems.  I do not know how or why, only that he has, and that I should record the fact here.

Goodbye.  We'll all miss you.
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ou sont les neiges d'antan?

Speculative musings


  • Can God create a rock he cannot lift?


  1. If you can define such a rock without circularity (or, in this case, some form of logical Möbius band), yes.
  2. Of course.  They're called asteroids.  While they are in free fall, there's no meaningful sense in which you can lift one.
  3. This is just an excuse to ask if God can do logically impossible things, isn't it?  Tchuh, I don't know, you pesky kids!  If he can, of course, the value of truth becomes identical to the value of falsehood, as is clearly demonstrable in symbolic logic, which means the answer to every question can be "yes" (or "no", but that doesn't matter).  Hence if God can create a rock he cannot lift, he can do anything at all.  Thus to fulfil this requirement is a sufficient condition for omnipotence.  Now go away and make the tea.
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no sympathy for the devil

The Hard Land Of The Winter

Early this morning I was informed (by a friend) that my bladder is not Year 2000 compliant.  This means that, at midnight on New Year's Eve, my bladder will fail catastrophically, and some days later, by about, say, January 4th, my kidneys will fail, or, possibly, I shall burst like a distended water balloon.  Either way, I shall die ignominiously -- and all because some programmer in the eighties thought I'd have an upgrade bladder by now.  Makes you mad, doesn't it?  My one consolation is that I intend to be sitting on the top of that programmer's 17-inch monitor when I "go".  That should be quite expensive ....
ou sont les neiges d'antan?

Weird of Hermiston

Trees are no longer a comfort,
Messages sad in the wires,
My hair is hung down with the blackest of rain that I'm feeling.

Weird Of Hermiston, Jack Bruce

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no sympathy for the devil

Birthday eventitude

I'll be 27 tomorrow.  If you happen to be free, come to the Barfly in Camden at around seven, where we're going to watch a gig.  Music starts at 7:30, drinking starts now.